Sub-department of Genetic

Chair of Genetics

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Vladimir A. Trofimov has been Head of the Chair of Genetics since 2001; his name is associated with a new impetus given to the development of the Chair in connection with the transition of research to the molecular and genetic level.

The Chair consists of experienced teachers: Candidate (PhD) of Biological Sciences, associate professor Gudoshnikova T. N., Candidate (PhD) of Biological Sciences, associate professor Kudryashova V. I., Candidate (PhD) of Agricultural Sciences, associate professor Kolmykova T. S., Candidate (PhD) of Biological Sciences, associate professor Romashkina M. V., Candidate (PhD) of Biological Sciences, senior lecturer Puzanov S.Y., lecturer Sidorov D. I., postgraduate students -Trofimov A.V., Gromov I.A., Varakina A. A., Sapareva E. V. 

The Chair conducts educational-methodical and research work offering students the specialisation in "Bioengineering and Bioinformatics" under Bachelor degree programme "Biology", and those studying in the Master's Degree programme "Genetics". Main courses are General Biology, Genetics, Cytology, Cellular Biology, Theory of Evolution, Reproductive and Development Biology, Genetic Basis of Breeding, Genetics of Farm Animals, Genes and Genomes, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Human Genetics, and others.

Currently the Chair of Genetics has functioning laboratories of Genetic Analysis, Immunogenetic Examinations and Genetic Engineering, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology.

The activity of the Chair is not confined to its internal environment, it remains visible within University, the Republic of Mordovia and even Russia. In the science and education centre "DNA diagnostics and Genomic Research" researches are carried out in cooperation with scientists from the Institute of Medicine. The Chair has been hosting the SIE "Genetic and breeding Research Center "Genologiya-MRSU" since 2011, which provides scientific and technical services in the field of selection and livestock breeding, and works on innovative inventions in the field of medicine and agriculture. The Chair also has a functioning Vavilov’s Society of Geneticists and Selectionists. The Chairman of the society is Trofimov V. A., a member of the Central Council of the Vavilov’s Society of Geneticists and Selectionists.

Currently, the research work of the Chair is carried out in the framework of the "Molecular mechanisms of regulation of genetic processes in health and disease" and includes the analysis of gene polymorphisms that determine the development of socially significant diseases, the study of genetic processes that affect the phenotype of farm animals, and research in the field of genetic engineering of microorganisms. For many years the Chair has conducted researches of mutagenic effect of various types of environmental pollution.

Among academic partners of the Chair are «Medicogenetic Centre» (Moscow), Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), CJSC «Mordovian Bacon», LLC «Diamed», Saransk Perinatal Centre.

Scholars of the Chair annually publish articles in journals of the central and local press, participate in workshops and conferences, undergo trainings in leading scientific centres of Russia.  

Graduates of the Chair work within their specialties in different cities of Russia. Chair of Genetics keeps the traditions of Higher School, and strives to act as a regional centre for training geneticists for the needs of Mordovia.


Head of the Chair of Genetics: Trofimov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Phone: +7 (8342) 351854