Admission Requirements

International students can make enquiries as to admissions policy in all available tracks of study and pre-diploma programmes of study (Russian language course) before the 1st of August, the year proceeding the new academic year (commencing 1st September).

Formally the application process starts with your documentation being placed for review in order to make sure whether you are eligible or not to have studies at Mordovian State University. All applicants are required to submit to the international office electronically or by fax the copies of documents listed below in order to have a student visa invitation issued:

1. Your international passport;

2. Secondary school diploma with academic results (FSc, A-level, HSSC or equivalent).

On arrival you should submit the following documents to the international office:

3. An original copy and a translation of your secondary school diploma with the summary of academic records;

4. An original copy and a translation of your university or college diplomas with the summary of academic records (if applicable);

5. Certificate of equivalence for all academic documents;

6. AIDS testing report.

Diplomas or certificates confirming the completion of education (all applicable levels) in the country of applicant are to be submitted for attestation to the Federal Supervision Service in Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor) in Russia.

Applicants unable to provide the certificate of equivalence are eligible to apply only for pre-diploma academic programmes taught at the Faculty of Pre-diploma Studies.

Originals of the above documentation together with passport, entry visa and migration card, personal dossier, 10 color photos 3x4 are to be submitted to the International office upon arrival.

International applicants, eligible to apply for degree programmes, are required to have an interview in Russian in three disciplines depending on degree programme of his/her choice.

Enrollment for pre-diploma studies is based on submitted documentation only.

Before enrollment all international students are liable to pay:

  • The visa invitation fee (It takes 1 month to have the invitation issued) – (25$); a multiple entry visa -30$
  • Mailing expenses of the visa invitation to the place of request – (50-100$);
  • Medical insurance for a free medical service at the students’ polyclinic – 50$ per year.

International students are required to inform the International Office about the exact dates of their arrival at least two weeks before this date.

Further enquiries:

Tel./Fax: +7 8342 247951; +7 8342 472377

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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